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What Nurses Say

Petrus Mashao,

(Registered Nurse)

"Ambition is a professional agency and provides a very professional service. Ambition treated me very well and I get my money on time as promised. Working for Ambition helped me buy a brand new Mercedes Benz."

Phumeza Djamba Ngana,

(Enrolled Nurse, Cape Town)

“I am VERY happy working for Ambition 24Hours, the consultants are always friendly, and they try their best to get me the shifts I want.”

Ellen Walduck,

(Registered Nurse)

"I love working for Ambition. I have absolutely no problems, very content. It is the only company I choose to work for. Fantastic crew and I can speak with any of the consultants, even if I come to the office they are eager to assist. I am very happy and will try to take all the shifts they offer me"

Sindile Dijo,

(Occupational Health Nurse, Johannesbburg)

"Ambition 24hours is very good to me and supportive to their nurses, they are professional and manage to keep me busy with work. The work I have been getting is also a learning experience with the different facilities where I have been placed."

Naomi De Bruyn,

(Registered Nurse, Cape Town)

"Proudly born and bred South African I lived and worked in Bristol, England for several years. While abroad I joined Ambition and they booked me at various NHS hospitals during my time there. After a few years in England I heard Ambition operates in South Africa too and this gave me good reason to return home. Since my return I have been committed to your agency and work frequent shifts. Ambition 24 is still one of the highest paying agencies and the consultants are always happy to assist me."