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Working for Ambition 24hours as a temporary nurse

Once you have been notified that you are cleared to work, you will receive an information letter and your badge.    

It is important that for every temporary work assignment, you download and complete a timesheet and have it authorised by the client where you work.

All completed forms should be sent to:

NURSE Compliance Team
Ambition 24 Hours
P O Box 327
Bellville, 7535

or fax to: 0860 266 524
Note: All the documents can be faxed so that we can begin the clearance process, i.e. reference checks.
The originals can follow by post.  
Click here to download the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader

Nursing Assistants & Care Givers: to find out the minimum requirements for working with Ambition 24hours, please click Care Givers

Getting Paid: we operate a weekly payroll. When you are registered and are working with us, you must complete a timesheet in order to get paid. It is important that you print clearly your name, the name of the client, the hours that you have worked (less breaks) and the grade that you have worked as. The timesheet can only be agreed by an authorised signatory at the client establishment. We will provide full information when you are registered with us.

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For more information about working with us, please click FAQs