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What sort of agency work do you offer to medical staff?

Ambition 24hours is a medical staffing agency. We have a range of nurses’ jobs available: Casualty Trauma Nurses; Clinical Nurse Practitioners; ICU Nurses; Midwives; Neo-natal; Occupational Health; Scrubs; and Theatre Nurses. If you are a qualified nurse, please register your details here

We also offer work for care givers and nursing assistants. To find out about the qualifications for registration here


How do I register with you?

Download our application pack directly from this website, or click for quick online registration here or alternatively we will post an application pack to you when you contact us. We will require the following documentation from you to register you:

  • Fully completed application form
  • A clear, certified copy of your ID
  • A certified copy of your nursing council receipt
  • Signed contract for services
  • ID type photograph


Remunerated Work Outside the Public Service (RWOPS) 

This policy is applicable to all employees appointed on a permanent basis in the Public Sector (Department of Health and Social Services), either full-time or part-time as well as employees appointed for a period longer than 12 months in terms of a continuous employment contract or fixed term contract on the fixed establishment of the Branch Health.

However, employees appointed on a casual basis (temporary employment contract) or on a sessional basis (fixed term contract) may perform RWOPS without obtaining authority from the Branch Health to perform such work.


What happens if I am already registered with one of your other agencies, Nursing Services of South Africa or any of your UK nursing agencies?

If you are registered already with Nursing Services of South Africa, there is no need to register again. All of your information is shared between the two agencies, in strict confidence. The benefit of this is that you only need to become compliant with one of our SA agencies. One registration process but double the work opportunities.

If you are a South African nurse or care assistant currently working for us in the UK and you would like to return home, you will need to register you details with us, because we will have to ensure that we have a record of your South African experience and qualifications.

Please note that as policy we do not recruit South African nurses into the UK. We have signed the NHS UK Code of Conduct which prohibits recruitment from South Africa. We therefore can only assist South Africans who have landed and have the right to work in the UK and hold a current NMC registration.


If I am working with you what can I expect?

We operate nationally across South Africa and provide services to Government Hospitals, clinics, private hospitals, old age homes, community projects and other locations. Temporary work is driven by client demand and can vary from season-to-season and according to demands regionally.

Agency Nurses are booked by our clients usually to cover anything from a short term assignment to a maternity/vacancy cover post. Our consultants work hard every day across South Africa to secure for you the best temporary assignments – to find out more, and talk about what we do and how we help, contact us.


How can I maximize my work opportunities?

The best thing to do is to keep in touch! Call us weekly if you can.

You need to make sure that you constantly update your availability with us; this can be done by telephoning our consultants on a regular basis. It is also important to talk to and build a rapport with the consultants that are responsible for shift allocations. Remember we require evidence that you have renewed your annual registration for SANC, and without this we cannot book you.


Do you provide transport to the clients?

No, it is the responsibility of the candidates to ensure they get to their shift by the required time.


Do you provide accommodation?

No, not usually, but there may be circumstances where this may be an option, with Live-In assignments being one of these.


What should I wear when on assignment?

You must be clean, tidy and on time. For clients who require it you must wear a uniform (we have tunics available for sale) and you must always have your ID and agency badge with you.


How will I know what I will get paid?

A guide to our rates of pay is on this website and pay rates will also be conveyed to you by our consultants at the time of booking. Visit Pay Rates


Do I receive holiday pay as a temporary worker?

For work performed for most of our clients, your holiday pay is paid to you as part of the hourly rate that you receive each week. This removes the need for you to request holiday and conditions.

If you would prefer to accrue/ accumulate holiday pay and be paid separately you must request this of us in writing. In the case of candidates working at a clients where leave is accrued, then these candidates can take paid leave and should check with the payroll department to see how much leave has been accrued before taking any leave.


What should I do if I am accruing leave and I want to take paid leave?

Contact one of our Recruitment Consultants who will be able to fax or e-mail you a leave form which you should fill out and return to us for our payroll department to process. It is very important when you fax a document like this that you check that the payroll department has received it and are going to process your paid leave.

If you are working regular shifts with a specific client, it is very important you liaise with the recruitment consultant who manages that client so they are aware of your intention to take leave and can find a suitable replacement for you in your absence. In these cases, you should give 4 weeks’ notice of any intention to take leave.


How do I get paid?

We operate a weekly payroll. In order to get paid, you must complete a timesheet, it is important that you print clearly your name, the name of the client, the hours that you have worked (less breaks) and the grade that you have worked as. The timesheet can only be agreed by an authorized signatory at the client establishment.


Where do I send my timesheet?

All timesheets must be emailed, faxed or posted to our payroll department:

Ambition 24hours payroll,
Ambition House,
107 Voortrekker Road,
Bellville, Western Cape, 7535.

Email: timesheet@a24.co.za
Fax: 0860 266 524


How do the pay-run deadlines work?

If your timesheet reaches us by 12 noon on Tuesday, you will (provided there are no reasonable queries or problems) be paid on the following Friday for all shifts up to the previous Sunday night.


How do I get my pay slip?

Please inform us if you wish to receive a pay slip. Pay slips can be collected from our Bellville head office or can be emailed to you.


Can I do agency work for both Nursing Services of South Africa and Ambition 24hours if I am registered with you?

Yes, each agency has different work opportunities available and pays different rates of pay. You benefit from one registration with two agencies.


How do I make myself available for both agencies?

Please telephone our consultants – either:
Ambition 24hours


What are the types of locations where I might work as a nurse?

We provide medical jobs and staff for the full range of healthcare service providers - hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, emergency services, hospices, medical centres, pharmacies, surgeries, wellness days, and occupational health facilities


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